Challenger Maintenance Platform

Designed for both heavy and light maintenance

Easy handling
The platform is a light-weight aluminium construction mounted with our own special designed pneumatic wheel set, making the platform easy to move around by hand.

When being placed for maintenance, the special designed wheels pull up and the platform rests on its frame, making it even more stabile to work on.

Safety first and foremost

This platform is designed, constructed and CE-labelled in accordance the machine directive 2006/42/EF and DS/EN-419.

In and around engines, the platform is a secure work surface for service technicians. All openings towards the planes are covered by automatically controlled sliders with clip lists. The deck is secured with railing and self-closing gates.

Whether the plane is jacked up or not, the two middle decks are fitted with height adjustments in order to reach optimal working height.

Design criteria
Directive 2006/42/EU Safety
DS/EN-1052 Risk Evaluation
DS/EN-292 Machine Safety
DS/EN-419 Aluminium Constructions

Service platform FKCL604
Constructed from four platforms with a hydraulic pumping station and a pneumatic wheel set.

Fixed platforms with a horizontal slider
Area of Platform 3,25 m2
SWL 450 kg.
Flexible horizontal slider 0-400 mm

Height adjusted platform under engine
Flexible height adjustment 500-1800 mm
Area of platform 3,25 m2
SWL 450 kg

Height adjusted platform in front of engine
Flexible horizontal slider 0 –400 mm
Flexible height adjustment 1400-2800 mm
Area of work 2,3 m2
SWL 450 kg

Safety technique
Horizontal legs for stabilising service platform.
Enclosure of shears.
All gates open inwards.
Operating box is  placed on the service platform.
Operating box is fitted with an emergency stop.
Safety operation from control cabinet.
Emergency stop and main switch off on control cabinet.
Electrical-mechanical safety circuit.
Hydraulic block stop valves.

Elevation and lowering technique
Hydraulic driven shear formed platforms.
Pneumatic elevating and lowering set of wheels to manoeuvre the service platform.
Mobile entrance stairs.
Entire lifting capacity of service platform is SWL 1800 kg